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Comprehensive Services

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In-depth analysis of product feasibility & market potential.

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Direct customer feedback to validate assumptions.

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 Cap table checks & legal document reviews.

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Extensive analysis of trends, competition, & opportunities.

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Customized investor checklists for evaluation & assessment.

Product analysis

Technical review, expert product analysis & feasibility.

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Financial & valuation analysis.

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Interviewing, evaluation & scoring

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Early-stage investments from
seed to growth.

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Specializing in AI and transformative technologies.

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Focus on Saudi Arabia & MENA region,
with openness to other regions.

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End-to-End Solutions

From scouting to closing the investment deal, we offer comprehensive services tailored to your needs.

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Customized Approach

We adapt our strategies to meet the unique requirements of each client.

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Expert Team

Leverage the expertise of our seasoned analysts, associates, and principals.

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Our Unique Value

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30 years + Mix Experience

We have 30+ years experience building and scaling tech products with investment banking background in US, LatAm, MENA, Europe. Our Partners are Ex-BCG, Deutsche Bank with expertise in financial management, investment research and due diligence for global VCs and LPs

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Ex-Founders and Venture Builders

Our management team are serial entrepreneurs and have found multiple business and startups including Zursh, the first marketplace first B2B research and Dodires, a desktop investment data platform. In addition, we have worked with multiple accelerators in founder and venture building activities

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Innovative Solutions

We use cutting-edge technologies and methodologies to deliver outstanding results

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Proven Track Record

We have successfully collaborated with top venture capital firms, global startup accelerators and technology companies

Deliverables Examples

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Detailed analysis for a fintech startup identifying competing business models and market risk assessments.

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Full financial model for an enterprise cloud provider, including enhanced pricing strategies.

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Expert review of a medical device with comprehensive technical analysis and regulatory compliance assessment.

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In-depth code review for a B2B AI-enablement app, highlighting performance and scalability

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Custom scoring and interview process for an accelerator program, including final due diligence based on investor-defined criteria.

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Strategic plan for a Media company entering the MENA market, including partner landscape analysis.

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Insights from 50+ customer interviews for a new AI SaaS product, detailing feedback on features and usability.

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Creation of a compelling pitch deck for a biotech startup, incorporating market data and financial projections.

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Comprehensive review of legal documents and cap table for a Series A funding round.

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Building and database of 100+ ecosystem partners including Corporate VCs, startup deals and public funds for a cohorts of B2B startups

Pricing Model

Customized pricing models - Available through our retainer or pay-per-plan agreements.

Partners, Companies & Accelerators

We worked with funds, corporate VC, accelerators and investment programs

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